Privacy & Permissions

The following applies to Ultra GPS Logger and Ultra GPS Logger Lite.
It also applies to Race Logger, which is a special version of Ultra GPS Logger.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to


Ultra GPS Logger (UGL) is accessing, storing or processing the following data:

- email address 

It is used to be able to send emails with logs.

- primary account info associated with your Google account

If activated by login to UOS (Ultra GPS Logger Online Services) data is transferred
to which is part of server structure.
Data can be deleted upon request.

- location data

Your GPS logs can be uploaded and sent to your email account or third parties.
Your logs are ONLY uploaded or sent in case you either manually do so or
in case you configure automatic upload/sending in UGL configuration.

By default all logs are only stored on your device or on the sdcard inserted into your device.

- login credentials and tokens

To be able to upload your data to online storage providers your login credentials or tokens
are stored on your device.

- unique identifier

An unique identifier is calculated and shared with the UGL Online Service
in case you choose to upload your logs via UGL Online Service

- debug logs

In case you choose to sent a crash report, debug logs are included.
Otherwise no debug information will leave your device.

- data provided to Google Analytics

Current versions of UGL are not using Google Analytics anymore and no
usage data is collected.

The following applies to old versions:

Anonymous app usage data is collected.

E.g. which functions or log formats do you frequently use.
No private data or location data is collected.

It is possible to opt out in case you do not like to share your usage data with Google Analytics.
This option can be found under the Misc section in settings.


Why does Ultra GPS Logger need so many permissions?

There is a reason for every single one:

Your accounts
find accounts on the device
use accounts on the device
read Google service configuration

=> needed for authentification to the different online services

Your location
precise location (GPS and network-based)
approximate location (network-based)

=> needed for location logging 

Network communication
view network connections
view Wi-Fi connections
full network access
Google Play license check

=> needed for online services and Google Play license check

Phone calls
read phone status and identity

=> needed to know the network state of the phone
=> needed to generate a unique md5 identifier for online services

modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

=> to store logs on your sdcard

System tools
mock location sources for testing
access extra location provider commands
test access to protected storage

=> The first two are needed to allow Bluetooth GPS data to be injected into the Android system
=> The third one is needed for sdcard access

Your applications information
run at startup
retrieve running apps

=> needed for auto start and to know which application is running in the front

pair with Bluetooth devices

=> needed for Bluetooth functionality

Other Application UI
draw over other apps

=> needed for persistent toolbar feature

Affects Battery
prevent device from sleeping
control vibration

=> needed to assure that device does not go to sleep mode on devices that deactivate GPS in sleep mode
=> fix lost vibration

Status Bar
expand/collapse status bar

=> needed to collapes the status bar after quick commands have been used